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Est. 2011

CubeZoo is an app and web development company

People.  Digital.  Simple

People.  Digital.  Simple

Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible. Through specialised expertise we build powerful technology that helps grow business ideas.

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We help connect the dots between people and technology

CubeZoo work with start-ups, SMEs and enterprise level clients and enable them with technology, that enables better business.

We are Developers of web, iOS or Android. Talk to us about your next business dream.

Mobile app development

Android.  IOS.  Hybrid.

Mobile apps connect the dots between people and business possibilities. They are an extension for simplifying business complexities from a ‘tall order’ to a click of a button.

Our teams embrace the accelerating power of mobile and work with clients to transform ambitious ideas into business success.

Our methodology for building Enterprise or MVP app solutions combine real people with technology to produce true and measurable experiences.

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Website development

Business.  eCommerce.  Dashboards.

Your website will either boost your business above the competition or submerge it in a sea of sameness.

A beautiful website matters, but functionality is what drives business operations. We develop websites for a multitude of industries and needs, all of which are tailored to specific business functions.

Our websites are developed for scalability and longevity, allowing us to evolve with our client's ever growing and interchangeable business environment.

We build websites that leave a lasting impression on your users.

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Website development

Business.  eCom.  Dashboards.

Your website will either boost your business above the competition or submerge it in a sea of sameness. With millions of sites out there, yours has to stand out.

Being unique and boasting good looks plays its part, but functionality is what drives business operations. We create websites to be marketing tools, increase online sales, monitor performance and a communication driver between consumer and brand

We use traditional or agile methods and ensure our web solutions are meticulously optimised for all devices, easy to understand and accessible.

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If it doesn't sell,
it isn't creative
David Ogilvy

Our process

Discover.  Design.  Develop.

We follow the agile philosophy and scrum technique as opposed to the traditional method. This means our clients can see, touch and test our developments in production cycles rather than having to wait for the final product.

01. User Research

We adopt popular research methods such as surveys or interviews to obtain real people’s understanding of proposed technology. We work with our customers to understand their brand and how it will serve their users.

02. Analyse

At this stage, we gather all the information from the user research stage for analysis and selection of the most important elements. This is where we create a persona to help the design team know who our users are.

03. Design & Prototyping

We use a low fidelity version (also known as Wireframes) of how your product will eventually look like to give you an outline of the structure and layout of the product. It conveys overall direction and description of the user interface.

Our designers then focus on look and style when building interfaces. We understand that users associate good feelings with brands that look good and speak to them at all levels. Where appropriate, elements of gamification can make your design more fun and engaging.

We prefer using prototypes to give our clients something tangible to test on real and potential users, which is crucial in making sure that their product is user friendly.

04. Development

Before beginning any project, we ensure that a code framework is planned. This allows for the software development team (front end developer and back end developers) to plan what code languages and frameworks are best suited for the project.

This also ensures we have a workable platform that is fast, responsive and easily scalable.

05. Quality assessment

We always carry quality assurance as a way to prevent mistakes and defects in developed products. By doing so we also avoid problems when delivering to customers.

06. Further development

Once our client’s product is launched we do another round of analysis. At this stage, instead of looking at the results of their research, we focus on their overall final product.

Few of our workings

Discover.  Design.  Develop.

Warehousing may seem to be a simple case of holding and releasing stock, but it requires a lot of work behind the scenes to make it function smoothly. The major networks such as Vodacom, MTN, CellC and Telkom, for example, have hundreds of thousands of stock items, ranging from SIM cards to devices.

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The history of communication is a tale as old as mankind. From cave paintings to text messages, innovations in communication have provided new ways for people to share their ideas faster. This is essentially what Telkom’s business is all about. Since its earliest days, when the first South African...

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Even businesses that have been around since the 1920’s need a great digital presence. When BMW’s motorcycle division, Motorrad, decided to create a website app in 2016, cross-browser compatibility quickly made them hit the skids. CubeZoo took up the challenge, creating an interactive web app that...

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